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Weigh-In #1 and The Lunch Debacle

So I actually did my first weigh-in on Wednesday. School being what it is, I’ve been kinda busy the last couple days with classes and meetings. So I plan on laying out the weigh in results as follows:

Current Weight: 172 lbs

Difference from Last Week: n/a

Total Difference: n/a

Other than listing the weights I really don’t plan on saying too much about them since I’m not trying to obsess over the numbers themselves. If I come across something with it that really warrants commenting on, I will but for the most part I’ll do the stats and then move on.

So, for the first stumbling block I’ve come across but knew I would sooner or later: waking up late. I’m nursing a nasty cold right now so I’ve been taking medicine for it. Needless to say, I woke up late Thursday and Friday. The main downside to waking up late is not having time to make a lunch. I know I could pack it up the night before but to be perfectly honest, I hate doing that, especially if I’m packing a sandwich.The bread just gets all saturated and I HATE a soggy sandwich. For the most part packing sides and things like that are okay to do the night before but I usually forget or I’m just too lazy (that’s for another time).

Anyway, as you can imagine, being on a college campus, my options for lunch aren’t exactly the best. We haveĀ  a ton of bars/pubs, fast food, and just crappy food. And the places that have salads I swear sell couple day old salads. Browning lettuce is just disgusting. So it doesn’t exactly inspire someone to make better eating choices. There is a cafeteria in our student union that has a really nice salad bar and some really delicious pre-made salads but they are really expensive.

So I typically have a not fun decision to make: eat food that isn’t as good for me but is a lot cheaper or pay a lot more to eat better. Being on the budget of a graduate student, I can’t always afford to take the healthier route. This is probably the biggest obstacle on the day-to-day efforts: eating healthy costs a lot. I’ll get into my thoughts on that in another post. I know the simple answer is just to make sure I pack what I can the night before and if worse comes to worse just take the individual elements for the sandwich with me. And the only thing I can really offer is excuses.

My only hope is that once this cold goes away (which if the weather patterns keep up their current trends won’t be anytime soon and will most likely be bronchitis before it’s over) it’ll be a lot easier to keep up with lunch.


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