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Weigh In and The Paula Deen Situation

So I will preface this entry by saying I’ve been having internet issues. First the home internet decided to go kaput and then I’ve been having issues with the wireless internet at school. The couple times I was able to get on, I’ve had to address school work first so this had to take a back seat.

So here’s the weigh in information for this past week:

Current Weight: 173.6

Change from Last Week: +1.6

Overall change: +1.6

Not what I wanted, but when I can’t really work out much cause of this cold, I can’t do much about it.

So Paula Deen came out this week and announced that she has Type 2 diabetes. I can’t say that I’m overly surprised by this. But here’s my thing. I think that she’s getting a bad rap to a certain extent. The people who blame her diet and the type of food she makes, either haven’t watched her show or are a bit naive. I’m a Food Network junkie, and I have always enjoyed watching her show. If you’ve ever watched it, you know that she always says that the food should be enjoyed in moderation or on special occasions. She has never in any way encouraged eating that way for every meal.

And think about your grandparents. What kind of food do you think they made a lot? People have been eating food like that for generations but the difference is the activity level. Our generations are lazy as all get out. We rely on cars to get us everywhere and we don’t compensate for it with any type of physical activity. Our parents and our grandparents didn’t have the luxuries that we had and we are lot more active because of it. So they burned off a lot of calories and it wasn’t a big deal. I remember growing up and going to my grandma’s and we would make pizzas, rolls and biscuits, cookies, fatty , etc. We didn’t skimp on the fat and calories, and my grandma cooks the same way now. And she’s perfectly healthy. Because she works around the house. She doesn’t sit around all day. And she eats in moderation. She doesn’t go back for seconds and she doesn’t load her plate down.

And you get people that try and blame celebrity chefs like her for our nation’s obesity problem, especially that of children. But how is that fair to place blame on one person? Why not blame the parents who let their kids sit around and play video games instead of forcing them to go play outside or taking them to play in youth sports leagues? Why not blame school cafeterias for serving a bunch of preprocessed and unhealthy food? And why not blame ourselves for letting it happen? Or for stopping at McDonald’s and letting kids get the fatty foods instead of forcing the fruit cups? We are so quick to place the blame on everyone else when a lot of the fault is our own.

So, is Paula Deen the poster woman for healthy eating? No. But should she be placed on a cross for it? No.

Now I can’t comment on the manner in how she came out with it. But I can buy her delaying coming out with it so she could adjust to the diagnosis. I have a friend that was suddenly diagnosed with diabetes (and she is a super healthy twig by the way), and it took her months to really get used to adjusting her diet and changing everything. It was a huge lifestyle change for her, as active and healthy as she was. Now waiting 3 years does seem a bit extreme, but maybe there’s some ulterior motive that we aren’t aware of. There’s really no way to know for sure.


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