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Getting My Gym On

Well, I was finally able to join a gym. I even got my parents to join in with me. A couple weekends ago, we set aside the day to check out several of the gyms around us. Ultimately it was my mom and mine’s decision. Dad would do whatever we decided to. The biggest issue for my mom and I is the hours, which I know I’ve mentioned before. Between my commuting and her work schedule (which she inherited from me), we need somewhere that offers later hours. Another big thing for me was the equipment (again, stuff I’ve said before, but it’s important). I just hate walking though a place and feeling like I’m right on top of somebody else as I’m doing my workout. The last thing that I didn’t think about being an issue, but actually is really important: joining commitments. I realized that I can’t join a gym that would require a year long commitment. My boyfriend and I are looking to buy a house, and depending on where we end up, it just wouldn’t logistically make sense for me to drive way out of my way to work out. I use enough gas as it is.


So basically, we centered on 3 gyms. We went through what was in the area and crossed some out based on location and hours. Then we took a few more out based on reviews. So we ended up with 3 main gyms to check out and a couple others to keep in mind if we really didn’t like the main 3. Well, with 2 out of the 3, I definitely had that feeling of being right on top of the person next to you while working out. 1 was especially bad. That gym also had year-long commitments. So gym number 3 turned out to be our best bet. And I am definitely happy with the choice so far.

It’s affordable, and they offer incentives for members to help bring the cost of the monthly rate down even more. Of course, they offer certain services that would really help you develop a good plan of action to lose weight. But I can’t really afford those right now. But they have a wide variety of equipment and it’s spaced out so I feel like I can work out and not run into people.

So far, I had my initial “Fit Point” assessment. They do that for all new members. They get all your stats (height, weight, etc.), use a machine to get your body fat percentage, do your sit and reach flexibility, push ups and find your VO2 max level. Then they figure out what your goals areĀ  and everything that you want to accomplish and give you ideas as to what you can do to accomplish them.

Well my starting weight was 180 (2 lbs more than I was that morning) and my body fat percentage was 38.6%. They want me to get back to lower 20s for my fat percentage. So we’ll see.

I also tried out their Zumba class. It was different going to that versus what I’ve gone to before, but I still had a good time and got my ass kicked. Tonight is my first normal session with the trainer. My goal is just to get a workout to follow. I can work the equipment and everything just fine but I want a workout that it going to maximize my efforts and make the most out of the time that I’m there. Even just to have something to rotate between would make me happy.


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